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Nerds are people who are interested in things that most people don’t care about. For example: computers, science fiction, video games or history. They might be considered a social outcast because they usually don’t have many friends and don’t have many opportunities to make friends because they’re so different from everyone else.

Some people think nerds are just socially awkward loners who spend all their time playing video games or reading comic books. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! There’s more to being a nerd than just being an introvert who doesn’t like parties or sports and prefers to stay home on weekends instead of going out with friends.

What makes someone a true “nerd” is actually having an obsessive interest in something that most other people don’t care about at all; something so unusual that if you saw someone else doing it you’d probably think they weren’t normal at all! For example: One person might collect old computers while another might collect old

Nerd is a generic term for someone who displays an interest in science fiction and fantasy literature and film. The word “nerd” has been used by adults since the 1970s as a term of affection.
This is a place for people who are nerds, geeks and dorks to hang out.
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